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About the National Alliance for Youth Sport

Improving youth sports programs nationwide since 1981

The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) is America's leading advocate for positive and safe sports for children. NAYS provides programs, services and a variety of resources for volunteer coaches, administrators, officials and parents of young athletes to help ensure that everyone’s experience is memorable for all the right reasons. It also provides several unique programs for children that promote fun, healthy physical activity and offer the opportunity to learn valuable life skills.

NAYS believes that every child deserves to participate in a quality sports program where they can learn both athletic and life skills, but in order for their participation to be a truly positive experience the following must occur:

  • Children must receive positive instruction and learn and develop basic motor skills
  • Volunteer coaches must be trained in their responsibilities and held accountable for their behavior
  • Administrators (both professional and volunteer) and officials must be trained to properly fulfill their roles
  • Parents must complete an orientation program to understand the impact sports has on their child's development and the importance of being a model spectator at all times
  • The National Standards For Youth Sports must be used as a guide for operating youth sports programs
  • Youth sports programs must be conducted in accordance with the Recommendations for Communities