Air Force Youth Sports & Fitness Partnership

For many years, NAYS has worked in conjunction with U.S. Air Force bases throughout the world to ensure high quality youth sports experiences.

Like the other branches of the U.S. Military, the Air Force strives to provide children and families with predictable and consistent youth sports opportunities regardless of the location.

Using the National Standards for Youth Sports, as well as the other resources and programs offered by NAYS, Air Force youth sports and fitness opportunities are offered using a comprehensive and standardized approach. For example, on Air Force bases throughout the world, youth sports and fitness programs are overseen by Certified Youth Sports Administrators (CYSAs) while volunteer coaches are provided training and are held accountable by the NAYS Coach Training & Membership.

Within the Air Force youth sports program, there are many extraordinary programs and individuals. Over the past few years, many Air Force Youth Sports & Fitness Programs have been recognized as NAYS Excellence in Youth Sports Award winners and quite a few bases received Honorable Mentions. 


Success Stories