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Benefits of Becoming a NAYS Member Organization

Educated adults

Well-prepared and knowledgeable coaches, administrators, officials and parents with positive attitudes can greatly enhance the entire sports experience for youth. The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) provides high quality video trainings – live or online – for the adults involved in community youth sports programs. Membership in our nationally recognized associations ensures on-going education and benefits, including insurance coverage.  

Coach Rating System

Member Organizations have the included benefit of utilizing our convenient online coach evaluation system. Parents easily evaluate their child’s coach online and results are available to the Member Organization. While many organizations may already have an evaluation system in place, the Coach Rating System provides a unique perspective from the parents.

Online Member Organization Account

All Member Organizations have a customized online account at where they can view their coaches' training and membership status, prepay for online trainings, request or input coach background check information, send online coach evaluations to parents, and much more!

Background screening

NAYS recommends all Member Organizations develop a screening system for their youth sports volunteers. Through our new partnership with Sterling Volunteers, we are able to provide our Member Organizations with a discount on background checks for coaches. If background checks are requested from Sterling Volunteers through the online account at, the results for each coach will automatically be stored alongside each coach’s NAYS membership information. If a Member Organization already has a system for screening coaches, that is great! Our feature is just here for added convenience.

Coach accountability policies

Accountability (along with screening, training and evaluation) is an important step in the process of ensuring that quality volunteers are involved with the children participating in sports programs. The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) has created the NAYS Coach Accountability and Enforcement Policies to help local NAYS Member Organizations achieve the highest standards for its NAYS Coaches. The policies listed in the document were designed so that NAYS Coaches who do not adhere to the NAYS Code of Ethics for Coaches are held accountable for their behavior.

Discounted league insurance

Member Organizations are eligible for discounted league insurance through our partnership with Sadler Sports Insurance.


NAYS offers very competitive pricing for youth sports volunteer education programs. What sets our programs apart are the on-going education and benefits for our members and also the convenient resources and tools we provide to our Member Organizations. When considering these unmatched factors, NAYS absolutely provides the most value for the cost.


Some organizations mandate all of their coaches attend an on-site training each year while others simply suggest the NAYS online training to their coaches. There is a wide range of ways Member Organizations can be involved with the National Alliance for Youth Sports. Each organization decides what is best for their needs.

National awards eligibility

NAYS Member Organizations have the opportunity to showcase their community’s youth sports culture by applying for the Excellence in Youth Sports Award. Also, your coaches and parents will qualify to be nominated for the annual Coach and Parent of the Year Awards. Award winners are recognized at the annual Youth Sports Congress and also at their state and community level.

NAYS support

NAYS headquarters staff is available to provide dedicated service and support for NAYS Member Organizations and members.

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