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Member Organization Interest Frequently Asked Questions


Q: What is the cost to start a NAYS Member Organization?

A: There are no fees for establishing a NAYS Member Organization or for the training videos and materials. The only fees remitted to the National Alliance for Youth Sports are the membership fees for each member. If you plan to offer on-site trainings, keep in mind we ask for an estimated number of participants and a pre-payment of membership fees for your FIRST onsite clinic.

Q: I have not seen the training videos. Can I preview them?

A: Yes. We would be happy to send you a temporary login to any of the online trainings. To request a login please email or call 1-800-688-5437.

Q: What if we chose to offer on-site trainings first then decide to offer online trainings as well, or instead?

A: You may change your options for offering the training programs at any time. No additional paperwork is required.

Q: What are the training and membership fees for each program?

A: The per person training and membership fees are:

  • Coach: $20
  • Parent: $5
  • Official: $20
  • League Director: $45

Q: Is there a price difference between on-site and online trainings?

A: No, all training and membership fees are the same regardless of the training format.

Q: We have a large organization. Do you offer volume discounts?

A: Yes, we do. Please email or call 1-800-688-5437 to inquire about volume discounts.

Q: Is it possible for our organization to pay for the training and membership fees instead of the individuals?

A: Yes. You will be able to make an upfront payment for fees so individuals do not have to provide payment.

Q: We are asking the individual participants to pay for their own training and membership fees. How will this work?

A: For on-site training, ask the participants to bring payment to the training or pre-pay to attend the training. For online trainings, the payment is built in to the registration form.

Q:  Will we be able to view a listing of people from my organization who have completed the training?

A:  Yes. You will receive access to a customized account on where you will be able to track all your members regardless of whether they attended an onsite clinic or completed the training online. Request a demo of the Member Organization account. 

On-site Trainings

Q: Does NAYS send a trainer to administer on-site clinics?

A: No. Our trainings are video based and are designed for organizations to set up quickly and efficiently. We provide the videos and training materials for the training and someone from your organization facilitates the training. Since the trainers are on the videos, the Member Organization representative's role is to organize the meeting, invite the participants, show the training videos and complete and submit the corresponding paperwork. 

Q: How do I (or someone from my organization) become a NAYS representative?

A: Your Chapter will be provided with a manual which includes the procedures for conducting all of the NAYS training and membership programs. After reviewing the manual, there is an exam which is to be completed and submitted to NAYS Headquarters. There are no fees and the process can be completed entirely by email. (Fax or mail available if needed.)

Q: How much time should we set aside for an on-site training?

A: We suggest allowing three hours for a NAYS Coach training, 45 minutes for a NAYS Parent orientation and one hour for an NAYS Officials training. (There is no on-site training available for NAYS League Directors.)

Online Trainings

Q: How long does it take to complete each of the online trainings?

A: Participants complete the online trainings at their own pace. However, the minimum time to complete the online training is two hours for NAYS Coaches, 30 minutes for NAYS Parents, one hour for NAYS Officials and three hours for NAYS League Directors.

Q: Once they begin the online training, will participants have to complete the training in one sitting?

A: No. Participants will have the ability to log in and out of the clinic site so they may return at a later time.

NAYS Coach Training & Membership Program

Q: What sports are offered through the NAYS Coach Training & Membership Program?

A: NAYS provides coaches training in baseball, softball, basketball, football, flag football, cheerleading, soccer, hockey, in-line hockey, volleyball, boys lacrosse and girls lacrosse.

Q: Our organization offers a sport that is not listed. What are our options for NAYS Coach Training?

A: If a sport is not on our list it means that we do not have a training video for that particular sport. Therefore, it is not available for coaches to complete as an online clinic. However, it is possible to host an on-site NAYS Coach Training for other sports. In the first part of the clinic the coaches would view the Coaching Youth Sports video, which is the core of the NAYS Coach program. The second part would be the sport specific portion, which you would ask a local expert to present for approximately 45 minutes about coaching the sport. Topics like teaching proper techniques, practice planning, age appropriate activities, stretching, conditioning, setting goals, etc. The local expert usually is a high school or college coach who volunteers his/her time but could also be a staff member of yours. We have a Speaker’s Guide that helps plan this presentation with the local expert. Coaches who participate in a clinic in this format will still become full NAYS members. The fee would be $20 per coach.

Have additional questions? We'd be happy to help! Please email us at or call 1-800-688-5437.