22 Douglas County (Ga.) staff complete Frontline Staff Training

22 Douglas County (Ga.) staff complete Frontline Staff Training


Douglas County (Ga.) Parks and Recreation is one of a growing number of departments nationwide taking proactive approaches to help ensure safe, fun-filled and problem-free youth sports programming in their communities.

And they’re turning to the National Alliance for Youth Sports’ Frontline Staff Training to help make it happen. 

Twenty-two full-time and part-time staff at Douglas County recently completed the Frontline Staff Training, which prepares recreation staff at all levels for handling the many challenges and responsibilities that accompany their positions. The training is designed for any recreation staff member, including full-time, part-time, summer, seasonal or new hire.

“With more than a dozen organizations utilizing our facilities, we want to make sure that everyone involved in all the different aspects of youth sports, special events and programming in Douglas County Parks and Recreation fully understands our philosophy, the importance of meeting all of our participants’ needs and the role our department plays to ensure safe and positive experiences throughout the county,” said Chadwick Griffin, Assistant Director of Parks and Recreation at Douglas County and a Certified Youth Sports Administrator (CYSA). “The Frontline Staff Training was really valuable for our entire staff and provided a great opportunity to gain important knowledge in a lot of key areas that affect the quality of a program.”   

The training includes an introduction to youth sports administration, navigating interactions with youth sports parents and participants, promoting sportsmanship, being well-versed in a variety of safety issues, and being aware of what resources are available to help ensure high-quality sports experiences for all involved, among other areas.

“Frontline Youth Sports Staff are in direct contact with the public and therefore are an extension of the organization’s leadership and the face of the organization,” said Lisa Licata, Senior Director of Professional Administrators for NAYS. “It was rewarding to work with the tremendous staff at Douglas County, which has been a long-time provider of high-quality youth sports programming, and see first-hand their commitment to providing the best possible experiences for youth and families that participate in their programs.”

Individuals who complete the Frontline Staff Training receive a digital Certificate of Participation and access to a variety of resources and continuing education opportunities.

For information on having your staff trained please email stafftraining@nays.org for group rates or after-hours options.

Douglas County Frontline Training Leadership

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