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The National Alliance for Youth Sports, as part of its ongoing efforts to distribute new and slightly used sports equipment to communities in need through its Global Gear Drive (GGD), has kicked off its ONE WORLD. ONE TEAM. campaign.

ONE WORLD. ONE TEAM. is in the running for a grant through the Pepsi Refresh Project, which provides financial support to worthy programs. Grants are awarded based on which programs receive the most votes during a one-month period.
Click HERE to cast your vote for ONE WORLD. ONE TEAM., and vote! If awarded the grant, all funds will be earmarked to support communities in need both throughout the U.S. and around the world.

Through ONE WORLD. ONE TEAM. organizations and individuals interested in contributing sports equipment to the GGD can now become official sponsors of a community in need, where all the equipment that is collected and funds that are raised will go to support a specific community that has requested support from NAYS.
ONE WORLD. ONE TEAM. is focused on helping communities and schools in need, such as Passroad Elementary School in Gulfport, Miss., obtain newer sports equipment and educational resources to help enhance their current youth sports programs and activities.

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