Coach evaluation system can help head off problems with your players’ parents


A Pennsylvania father recently was charged with simple assault for striking a coach during a dispute over his child’s playing time. A former Mississippi Congressman was recently involved in a physical altercation with the coach of a 10- and 11-year-old boys’ soccer team over claims that the coach was verbally abusing his son. A father in a New York youth hockey league was recently charged with third-degree menacing for threatening his son’s coach over a comment he believed was made to his son.
Incidents such as these often arise when poor communication and heated emotions collide on the playing field. The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) offers the Coach Rating System as a tool coaches can use throughout the season to gauge how well they are meeting their responsibilities. Coaches can use the system to evaluate what they are doing really well and what aspects of their role they need to spend more time on, thus reducing the chances of problems arising with parents and spilling over onto the field.
The Coach Rating System allows league coaches who are affiliated with NAYS to provide a digital link for parents to evaluate their coaching performance anonymously. The link can either be placed within an email or posted directly on a league or organization’s Web site. The questions hit all the key coaching areas, such as safety, sportsmanship and how well they teach skills, among others.
Coaches can log on and see how parents rated them. While the parents’ answers are confidential, coaches can see their average scores in each category. Consequently, if a coach sees that he scored low in a specific area he can focus more of his efforts on improving that particular aspect, which can help reduce the chances of problems carrying over to the field on game day. Additionally, positive scores are just as valuable because they enable coaches to know that how they are interacting with the players and handling the season is right on track.
NAYS encourages all coaches to have their team parents evaluate their performance. League administrators will have full access to evaluators’ identities and results, while coaches will only be able to see anonymous overall results.
Simply visit, log in with your ID number and password and click on My Coach Ratings.

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