Coach rating, game day pressure and more covered in latest SportingKid


The newly released summer issue of SportingKid magazine takes a look at the growing number of recreation programs that are upgrading their efforts to hold their volunteer coaches more accountable during both practices and games. Many are utilizing the Coach Rating System to get the job done, while in the process strengthening their programs, enhancing the quality of coaching taking place on their fields and courts and - most importantly of all - helping ensure that more young athletes have memorable experiences for all the right reasons. Click HERE to read the feature.

This issue also includes articles on the importance of helping young athletes set and reach goals, how to help them deal with game day pressure and steering them away from steroids. There are also tips on protecting youth programs from being embezzled. NAYS members can read all these great articles – and many more – simply by logging in with their Member ID number and password at the left and then clicking on “SportingKid.” Members also have access to past issues of the magazine, which provide a wealth of information on all aspects of youth sports.

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