Crimes of opportunity: Is your organization fully protected?

Crimes of opportunity: Is your organization fully protected?


A pair of youth sports embezzlement cases that unfolded in Michigan this past month illustrates once again the importance of having the proper safeguards in check to protect your program’s funds.

Otherwise, as these youth sports organizations are now experiencing, you’re not only exposing yourself to financial heartache but your credibility in the community suffers significant damage as well.

To recap the ugly details: the former treasurer of a youth baseball and softball league has been charged with embezzling $20,000 from the organization. The bulk of that money was registration fees and sponsorships. “For the majority of the people who participate in our league it’s a luxury to play baseball,” the league president told the Detroit Free Press. “One individual did something really bad … and the kids are the victims.”

This happened just weeks after a woman was charged with stealing from a youth hockey organization which discovered more than $45,000 had gone missing over the past three years.

Clearly, mistakes were made and these trusted individuals capitalized on the program’s weaknesses to pocket thousands of dollars over extended periods of time - without anyone noticing.

How does your program monitor deposits and ATM withdrawals, track cash at the concession stand and ensure numbers aren’t being manipulated when reviewing financial records?

The National Youth Sports Administrators Association exists to help you when it comes to fully protecting your program from financial ruin – and embarrassment. It is an online training program, which can be completed from the comfort of home at your own pace, which provides incredibly valuable information to ensure that individuals could never embezzle from your youth sports program.

It features insight from a former federal prosecutor who now works for a prestigious New York City firm who spoke exclusively with the National Alliance for Youth Sports to help youth sports administrators nationwide. He shares tips and advice on everything from the characteristics of embezzlers and how to establish protective systems to the best ways for tracking cash, checks and credit cards and making prudent decisions.

Plus, guarding against embezzlers is just one of eight sections of the NYSAA program, which also covers important topics like insurance, volunteer boards, fundraising, social networking, and more.

You can’t afford to have your program wind up in the news for the wrong reasons. Check out the NYSAA program today!

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