Equal Access: Making it happen for all girls

Equal Access: Making it happen for all girls


By John Engh

NAYS Executive Director

At our annual Youth Sports Congress, held virtually for the first time to adjust to these challenging times, Kim Turner, who works with the Fair Play for Girls in Sports Project, held an educational session that encouraged park and recreation departments to treat girls equally on and off the field. Sports played a huge role in Turner’s growth and development, as she played on the volleyball team at Brown University.

As someone who is lucky enough (and old enough) to have a daughter who graduated from college and went out into the real world and was hired by a company she loves, I can’t help but look back and appreciate the role that sports played in her development as a motivated and ambitious young adult. In particular, I am glad that girls have the opportunities they now have, though work still needs to be done to ensure all girls have access to and can benefit from the amazing power of sports.

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