(Pictured above is Parker Gore, recreation programmer for the City of Goodyear; and legendary football coach Lou Holtz.)

The City of Goodyear staff in Arizona has raised its game when it comes to that all-important communication with coaches, parents and the community.

And the overall quality of its programs has greatly improved because of it, earning an Excellence in Youth Sports Award for its efforts.   

By capitalizing on mobile apps and other technology the staff has become more effective and efficient communicators in all facets of their operation, which has freed up more time for ensuring that they are offering high-quality youth sports programs all year long.

They’re sending out emails with links to important information such as game schedules, rules, and concussions – and are receiving real-time analytics on who is opening and getting the information and who isn’t, helping them understand their patrons better.

Plus, the staff now obtains real-time views of all sorts of key data, from accident and incident reports to complaints and suggestions. 

“We really wanted something that was data driven and something where we could get information back quickly,” says Parker Gore, recreation programmer for the City of Goodyear and a Certified Youth Sports Administrator (CYSA). “A lot of the buildings that we use around the city that provide space for the kids are not our own, so we needed to be able to get information as quickly as possible to be able to solve problems.”

By simplifying and standardizing everything from tracking injuries and handling facility checklists to promoting safety and communicating with volunteers, the City of Goodyear staff has found innovative ways of using technology to become better communicators and - most important of all – run high-quality programs for their community.   

“Kids nowadays use all this technology,” Gore says. “So if you can use it in your programs it really does help.”

The City of Goodyear was one of four agencies to earn the Excellence in Youth Sports Award, which were presented during the 18th annual Youth Sports Congress in Orlando, Fla. in mid-November.

In order to be considered for an Excellence Award an organization must first be designated as a Better Sports for Kids Quality Program Provider. This designation shows that organizations have met benchmark standards when it comes to administering youth sports programs. Applying is easy – and free.

Excellence Award City of Goodyear Technology

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