Fort Campbell’s (Ky.) Clarence McQueen named NYSCA Coach of the Year


Clarence McQueen’s life is guided by one of his favorite sayings that is well-known throughout the Fort Campbell Army Base in Kentucky – “It’s all about the kids.”
These are words that he backs up every single day in everything that he does, so it’s only fitting that he was named the 2008 National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Coach of the Year.
The prestigious award was presented to McQueen during the annual International Youth Sports Congress, held in early December in San Antonio, Texas. 
Each year NYSCA presents the prestigious Coach of the Year award to one individual who embodies everything that a volunteer coach should be all about. It’s someone who places the emotional and physical well-being of players ahead of any personal desire to win; it’s someone who treats each player as an individual; it’s someone who is an enthusiastic team leader and a positive role model; it’s someone who has a thorough knowledge of the techniques and rules of the sport they’re coaching; and it’s someone who understands that they can use their role as a coach to influence so many other areas of a child’s life.
Since retiring from the military in 1999, McQueen has maintained an active role on base by serving as a local church pastor, substitute teacher and youth sports coach – and the impact he’s had on young lives has been truly significant.
“Coach McQueen is a valuable asset to the Fort Campbell community,” said Anthony Harris, whose son Jamarcus played on a basketball team coached by him. “He repeatedly emphasizes to young players the importance of teamwork, respect for yourself, respect for others, self discipline, and accepting responsibility for your actions. He is a valuable asset to the Fort Campbell community and he has a special way of communicating to young players that produces great results.”
The youth sports programs on America’s military bases regularly struggle to fill coaching vacancies. With so many fathers often on deployment, available volunteers are considered a valuable commodity – and Fort Campbell Army Base is no exception.
It’s also not unusual for McQueen to coach up to three teams during any season, and he willingly fills in wherever he is needed. Since Fort Campbell is currently on its third deployment to Iraq, many fathers who would normally volunteer to coach in the youth leagues are unable to do so and McQueen has been there to continually save the day and ensure that children have an opportunity to enjoy a rewarding sports experience.
He also is fully capable of coaching a variety of sports. He routinely coaches baseball, basketball and flag football teams for children ranging from 5- to 13-years-old.

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