Free basketball and soccer practice plans, and videos, unveiled

Free basketball and soccer practice plans, and videos, unveiled


Planning and running youth basketball and soccer practices just became a lot easier – and less time-consuming – thanks to a new series of printable practice plans and high-quality videos now available to NAYS Coaches.

These new resources – Basketball Practice Plans and Soccer Practice Plans – are provided by SportsEdTV, which NAYS teamed up with earlier this year to help support volunteer coaches with additional tools to assist with running great practices and enhancing the skill development of their young athletes.   

There are 15 practice plans for each sport, which includes five plans apiece for beginner, intermediate and advanced level young athletes.

Each practice plan features a series of drills coaches can utilize during their sessions. A QR code accompanies each drill that coaches scan by using the camera on a mobile device to view; or they can click the hyperlink and watch the high-quality instructional video on SportsEdTV.

“Putting together practice plans all season long can be challenging and time-consuming for volunteer coaches,” said Kate Nematollahi, Director of Education Programs at NAYS. “SportsEdTV has provided some outstanding resources that will help our volunteer coaches run great practices that not only bolster skills but are sessions that young athletes look forward to attending.”

Additional practice plans and videos for other sports will be unveiled in the months ahead.

“Our model of producing free world class sports instruction online for audiences anywhere with an internet connection is sure to be highly valued by the huge volunteer youth coaching community that NAYS represents,” said Victor Bergonzoli, CEO of SportsEdTV.

NAYS Members can also visit SportsEdTV to access hundreds of high-quality, multi-sport teaching videos that it has produced and curated.

If you are not a NAYS Member, join today! Learn more at

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