Heart of Gold

Heart of Gold


Pictured above are Tiffany Brain (at left), program manager at Glynn County, who nominated Lathyrell Howard (at right) for the Youth Sports Parent of the Year award.  

Children participating in sports programs at Glynn County Recreation and Parks in Georgia have been enjoying terrific experiences season after season.

And Lathyrell Howard is a big reason why.

“I do my best to try and instill in kids that you can do whatever you put your mind to,” says Howard, a passionate and caring mom of one. “You just have to know that you have to work at it. And it’s ok to make mistakes and it’s ok to not be perfect. We just keep working hard and that hard work will pay off.”

Howard has a heart of gold. She’s spent more than 20 years volunteering, including the past 6½ years with Glynn County, where she is a beloved and influential figure.

Howard was honored with the National Alliance for Youth Sports’ prestigious Youth Sports Parent of the Year award at the 21st annual Youth Sports Congress in Orlando, Florida, this month.

“It’s just breathtaking and unbelievable,” Howard says of winning the award. “It means more to me than you can ever imagine. I am overjoyed, I am grateful, and I am humbled.”

Tiffany Brain, program manager at Glynn County, nominated Howard for the award.

Exemplifying what youth sports parenting is all about, Howard not only supports her daughter but loves seeing all kids being active, learning skills, making friends, and having fun.

And there are lots of moments that resonate with her.

“There are so many memories,” Howard says. “Just watching the kids stepping out of their comfort zone and doing something that they have never done before is so rewarding.”

A tireless advocate for Glynn County’s programs and the positive impact they can have on young lives, she continually ventures into the community to speak with parents about getting their kids signed up to join the thousands of others who have been reaping the benefits of participation. 

During the 2022 fastpitch softball season when she saw that registration numbers had dipped in her daughter’s age group, she ventured out to recruit more kids to get involved and join the fun.

She also somehow finds time to volunteer for her daughter’s middle school sports participation. She meets with the coach and serves as the liaison with all the parents; organizes drinks and snacks for the players; orchestrates fundraising initiatives to cover team uniform expenses; and encourages community members to come out to games to support all the kids.

Howard’s passion for helping ensure that all kids have rewarding experiences in sports is truly inspiring, and her positive approach in everything she does is one to be embraced and emulated.

“It is so rewarding to see the kids I have worked with who are now adults with kids of their own who call me and thank me and are now active in their communities and in their recreation programs,” Howard says. “To see that I played a part in some portion of their life is really special.”

Lathyrell Howard Parent of the Year Glynn County Volunteer Leader Mentor

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