Idiot soccer dad lands in jail


I’ve got an early candidate for Idiot Sports Dad of the Year.

Here’s the deal: A dad was driving his 9-year-old son and his son’s 9-year-old teammate to their Saturday morning soccer game in
California recently.
But apparently they were running a bit behind schedule.

So the dad kicked common sense to the curb and shifted into NASCAR racing mode.

An officer monitoring traffic on a motorcycle that morning heard a fast-approaching car; he watched it cross double yellow lines and recklessly pass vehicles while on the wrong side of the road; and, by the way, he clocked it going 104 mph.

It took the officer nearly three miles to catch up and pull the guy over.

The dad then explained to the officer that he didn’t want the boys to be late for their game.

Now, I’ve coached youth soccer and nothing spiked my blood pressure quicker than parents pulling into the parking lot on game day mid-way through the first half.

It creates havoc with line-ups and makes distributing playing minutes equally among the kids a total nightmare.

Not to mention it’s just downright rude being late.

But to put innocent 9-year-old lives in danger, as well as those of other drivers on the road, by driving like a maniac is beyond mind-boggling.

Just a hunch here, but I think the kids would have been ok missing out on a few minutes of action rather than risk missing out on the rest of their lives and being sent to the morgue in a body bag.

Thanks to this guy’s recklessness the kids didn’t even get on the field as he was hauled off to jail.

Bail was set at $15,000 – not nearly enough in my book for this loser.

The views and opinions expressed in this article are those of the author and do not necessarily reflect the official policy or position of the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

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