Minimizing eye injury risk among young athletes

Minimizing eye injury risk among young athletes


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Did you know that there are almost 45,000 sports-related eye injuries in the U.S. each year? Included in these statistics from the Consumer Product Safety Commission is the fact that over two-thirds of these eye injuries occurred in children and young adults under age 25.

Sports glasses are definitely worth it for the added protection they provide for yourself or your child against potentially serious eye injuries. Add to it the affordable cost, seeing better, and playing the game with clear vision - and you will wonder how you went this long without these affordable, high-quality prescription sports glasses.

What Sports Need Prescription Sports Glasses?

While basketball and baseball players rank highest, water sports and many other physical activities can cause sports-related eye injuries. However, you can avoid most eye injuries. Wearing protective eyewear or sports goggles not only prevents an athlete from getting hurt, they correct eyesight and blurry vision.

When participating in most sports, being able to see clearly is essential. However, those who require corrective lenses might find themselves distracted from the activity due to concerns about not breaking their glasses. Prescription eyeglasses can be costly, especially for those with transition lenses and designer label frames.

Prescription Sports Glasses vs. Daily Wear Eyeglasses

There are additional risks associated with wearing regular daily wear eyeglasses while participating in sports beyond the replacement costs. A shattered lens could damage your eye if you’re hit by a fast-moving object such as a baseball. If a fall occurs, the nosepiece could also cause injury to the bridge of the nose. None of these situations are good ones. Yet, a solid solution for sporting enthusiasts that need vision correction is to wear prescription sports goggles or prescription sports glasses such as these Rec Specs or Progear sports goggles, which are available in all sizes.

Prescription sports goggle lenses do not enhance peripheral vision (depth perception maybe with certain color tinted lenses), since the lenses don’t wrap around completely. However, the frames are designed to offer protection from potential side impact. Those who love snow and water sports like skiing, snorkeling, or swimming are best suited to prescription sports goggles to keep their vision clear. We even have prescription sports glasses and goggles sized to fit kids!

Prescription Sports Glasses Must Fit Properly

Ensuring your prescription sports goggles fit correctly is essential if you play high-speed or contact sports. Having correctly fitted sports goggles can ensure that you can see accurately and that your eyes and face remain protected. Make sure the strap, frame, nose piece and face are properly fitted when fitting prescription sports goggles.

Today’s modern sports glasses are definitely worth looking into for you, your children, or any athlete in your household who plays sports or enjoys any other activity where protection, clear vision, and comfort are key. Available in prescription and non-prescription lenses, these top-of-the-line prescription sports glasses and prescription sports goggles are available for both children and adults.

Choosing the perfect fitting sports glasses or goggles can make all the difference, and it’s actually a simple process. In order to find the right size you need, measure a pair of your own glasses.Use a ruler to find the width from temple to temple. Remember to note the number in millimeters for a comfortable, secure feel.

Athletes will appreciate having a custom pair of prescription sports goggles or prescription sports glasses to make their playing time or daily life easier and safer. Gone are the days of struggling to see the ball, avoiding the sun’s glare, worrying about an eye injury, and always holding your glasses in place during a game.

Prescription Sports Glasses Lens Options

Choose from regular lenses, prescription lenses, sunglasses, and even transition lenses for sports glasses. Prescription sports goggles and sports glasses are the perfect solutions to give athletes optimal vision while enjoying their favorite sport on and off the field.

Luckily, prescription sports glasses and prescription sports goggles offer a great way for athletes to get their game on. It also lets them enjoy an active lifestyle and participate in their favorite activities without worrying about their glasses falling off their faces! Many parents also find that prescription sports glasses hold up better than regular glasses for kids who live a more active life. The more rugged design of prescription sports glasses allows for kids to be free to run, jump and play without the constant worry of breaking or losing their glasses.

Don’t give up the sports you love or miss out on the action! Remember preventing eye injury and correcting blurry vision starts with wearing the proper prescription sports glasses or goggles.

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