NAYS unveils two new Coaching Youth Basketball training videos

NAYS unveils two new Coaching Youth Basketball training videos


The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) is pleased to announce the release of two new Coaching Youth Basketball instructional videos that are now featured in its onsite and online clinics.

The training videos – Teaching Skills and Drills for Kids Under 10 and Teaching Skills and Drills for Kids Under 16 – were filmed with the Virginia Basketball Academy (VABA), one of the country’s premier year-round youth basketball training programs.

As part of NAYS’ ongoing efforts to provide volunteers with the best coaching information available, these two basketball trainings mark the beginning of many significant upgrades planned for other sport-specific trainings.

“We are committed to ensuring that today’s volunteer coaches have the very best training and resources at their disposal,” said John Engh, executive director of NAYS. “By offering two levels of training for all sports moving forward we’ll be able to better serve our member coaches and – most importantly – help them have an even greater impact on their young athletes.”

The lead instructor for both videos is Ben D’Alessandro, founder of the VABA, who has an impressive background working with, teaching and coaching youth. D’Alessandro played college basketball at Providence for Coach Pete Gillen, and he later served on the coaching staffs at Virginia, James Madison and Clemson.

“When it comes to teaching the great game of basketball to children and the wide range of fundamentals and skills needed to fully enjoy the sport, the VABA staff does it as well as anyone,” Engh said. “Their expertise and passion for the game is exciting to see and will be incredibly beneficial to both first-year coaches as well as those with years of coaching experience.”

Teaching Skills and Drills for Kids Under 10 features information on teaching kids the fundamentals of the game: dribbling, passing, lay-ups and shooting. Also covered during the 81-minute video are a variety of drills that coaches can take their players through to help develop and enhance these important fundamentals.

Teaching Skills and Drills for Kids Under 16 builds on those fundamental skills, while also covering defense and rebounding. Throughout the 103-minute video are fun and productive drills that coaches can use to help players build their skills, bolster their confidence and take their game to the next level.

Since 1981 NAYS has been America’s leading advocate for positive and safe sports for children. More than 3 million coaches have completed its training program. NAYS coaches have access to an array of innovative tools and resources to enhance their coaching skills. For example, the Coaching Forum allows volunteers to tap into the expertise of more than 100,000 coaches to gain advice on any topic; the Coach Rating Tool enables coaches to find out how well they are fulfilling their responsibilities; and there are a variety of free trainings on coaching kids with mental disorders, bullying prevention, abuse prevention, and much more. For more information visit and   

The Virginia Basketball Academy is a comprehensive, year-round basketball training program comprised of a variety of learning opportunities for boys and girls of all ages. Its unique program consists of camps, mini-camps, clinics, coaches’ clinics, weekly skills academies, leagues and private and group instruction. For more information on the Virginia Basketball Academy visit or email

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