NEW names...NEW logos...SAME high-quality programs!

NEW names...NEW logos...SAME high-quality programs!


For 35 years the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) has led the charge for positive and safe youth sports programs for all children.

And thanks to dedicated recreation professionals and volunteers nationwide, and on U.S. military bases worldwide, tremendous progress has been made.

Now, as the calendar flips to a new year, NAYS is proud to unveil new program names and logos that can be viewed HERE.

These represent NAYS’ continuing mission to enhance youth sports and also enable its portfolio of comprehensive training programs to be clearly identified with the well-known and respected NAYS brand.

“This is a much-needed change,” said John Engh, executive director of NAYS. “The NAYS brand is well established among the youth sports industry and all the administrators that run our programs on the local level all around the world. But the volunteers involved only know us by our program names so this rebranding will do a much better job of connecting all of our programs and members with the NAYS name.”

NAYS’ volunteer coach training program that nearly 4 million coaches have gone through, known since 1981 as the National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA), has been renamed the NAYS Coach Training and Membership program; and coaches who complete the training will be a NAYS Coach.   

Furthermore, its Parents Association for Youth Sports program is now the NAYS Parent Orientation program; and those who complete the 30-minute program that helps adults better understand their roles and responsibilities will be referred to as a NAYS Parent.

The training program for youth sports officials that features insight from top professional officials from the NFL, NBA, MLB and MLS, previously known as the National Youth Sports Officials Association, is now the NAYS Officials Training and Membership program; and those who complete it become NAYS Officials.

The National Youth Sports Administrators Association program, which helps volunteer administrators with their varied responsibilities, has become the NAYS League Director Training and Membership program; and individuals who complete it will be known as a NAYS League Director.

The Academy for Youth Sports Administrators is now the NAYS Academy for Youth Sports Administrators; and those recreation professionals who complete this specialized training to earn the coveted Certified Youth Sports Administrator credential become NAYS Certified Youth Sports Administrators.

Coaches Parents Officials Administrators Directors

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