New NAYS integration benefits City of Reynoldsburg in Ohio

New NAYS integration benefits City of Reynoldsburg in Ohio


Updated 6/18/2019

The National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) recently rolled out a new integration that allows organizations to easily complete background checks for their coaches. The new features were implemented in partnership with Sterling Volunteers, a background screening provider.

Chris Skidmore, Recreation Superintendent for the City of Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department, says the partnership has positively impacted their organization as well as their volunteers.

“The partnership has enabled our department to streamline background checks to an online system where we now have a database that is much more efficient and organized,” he says. “Our dedicated volunteer coaches appreciate the convenience of being able to complete the background check at home online at their convenience.”

(Pictured above, from left: Donna Bauman, Chris Skidmore and Michelle Brennan.)

The City of Reynoldsburg Parks and Recreation Department is one of over 3,000 NAYS member organizations that utilize the NAYS Coach Training and Membership program. Skidmore says the training, along with the new background check feature, adds value to their sports programs.

“Providing resources for our volunteer coaches is a high priority for us because we want our volunteers to feel prepared when complex situations arise. The NAYS training also serves as an extension to our coach’s meetings and topics we cover during our in-house pre-season meetings,” he says. “The two go hand in hand and allow us to get more subjects covered prior to the season while respecting the time of our volunteers.”

All NAYS Member Organizations can request and manage background checks through their NAYS account, significantly reducing administrative time. Organizations that are interested in having their volunteers complete coach background screenings can request additional information.

Haven’t started your NAYS Member Organization yet? Join over 3,000 organizations who have partnered with us to improve their youth sports programming. Request more information today.

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