New NYSCA training video receiving high marks from chapter directors


Recently, the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS) introduced its new National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) training video to its chapters across the country – and it has been receiving rave reviews.
“Great video! It captures everything a person would like to see in training coaches,” says Monty Perkins of Smyrna Parks and Recreation in Tennessee.
The training video features input from nationally recognized resources on the key areas of coaching, such as youth sports violence, sportsmanship, keeping players active at practice, building confidence, the role of winning in youth sports, working with parents, nutrition and hydration, injury prevention and conditioning and stretching; as well as advice and stories from peer youth sport coaches. 
NAYS teamed up with some of the top professional and collegiate coaches in the country, such as legendary college coaches Mike Krzyzewski of Duke and C. Vivian Stringer of Rutgers, and asked them to share their insight in coaching youth sports. These faces did not go unnoticed. 

According to Carlos Torres of the Rochester Hispanic Youth Baseball League in New York, he received comments from his coaches saying it was great to get advice from the pros. Becky Adams from San Ramon Parks & Community Services in California adds, “I like all the big name coaches in the video because it adds credibility to what NYSCA is doing.” 
Just as important as the insight from professional coaches is the advice from fellow youth sport coaches. Love Ishie from the Charleston County Parks and Recreation Commission in South Carolina says, “I loved the idea of the coaches sharing their own life experiences as youth sport coaches.” For example, coaches shared the difficulty of being the coach, and parent, of a child and how they balance those roles.
In addition to updated graphics, music and scene transitions for the training video, there are also new clips of footage from actual incidents that occurred at youth sporting events. Images of fights occurring in the midst of a game and yelling parents demonstrate the reality of what could, and unfortunately sometime does, happen.
“The way the video was put together was really good and really pulled you in,” says Angie Toebben of Jefferson City Parks and Recreation in Missouri. “I was even drawn to the entire video myself.”
Perhaps the new training video’s greatest achievement is that it is sparking the discussion and sharing of ideas among coaches at clinics. “The new video stimulated a lot of good interaction with our clinic attendees – very well done,” reported Jeff Edleman from French Creek Valley in Pennsylvania.
NYSCA is the most used coach training program in the nation, having trained almost 3 million coaches since its inception in 1981. In addition to completing the video-based interactive training video, coaches go over sport specific training and must sign the NYSCA’s Coaches Code of Ethics.

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