Kenneth Banks II represents the epitome of what coaching youth sports is really all about.

He puts the kids’ emotional and physical well-being ahead of all else to ensure that each has a truly memorable experience.

“I want the kids to enjoy themselves and that’s why I coach,” says Banks.

Banks is this year’s winner of the prestigious National Youth Sports Coaches Association (NYSCA) Coach of the Year Award.

Each year the National Alliance for Youth Sports honors one outstanding volunteer coach as the NYSCA Coach of the Year. The tremendous impact that coaches have on youth sports programs across the country is evident by the hundreds of nominations received for this prestigious honor.  


Coach of the Year nominations are reviewed for how well the nominee exemplifies the NYSCA Coaches’ Code of Ethics, which consist of placing the emotional and physical well being of players ahead of any personal desires to win, treating each player as an individual, being an enthusiastic team leader, a positive role model and having a thorough knowledge of the techniques and rules for the sport they are coaching, among many other important aspects.

TeamSnap is the proud sponsor of the NYSCA Coach of the Year award. TeamSnap contributes valuable prizes and monetary contributions in honor of great coaches across the country.

Banks was honored during the annual Youth Sports Congress which took place recently in New Orleans.


He has coached indoor and outdoor soccer, football, basketball and baseball for the past three years at the Suffolk Parks and Recreation Department in Virginia.

His practices feature fun-filled drills that keep the kids engaged while also enabling them to learn and develop skills to fully enjoy the sport.

Plus, he helps make sure they are learning valuable life skills that will pay dividends for them for years to come as they become adults.

“Sports are very important,” Banks says. “They’re great for developing social skills, being able to make friends, and helping them develop into outstanding adults in the future. I try to teach kids integrity, respect and how to be disciplined so they can be successful.”

Despite his incredibly full coaching schedule he also somehow finds time to visit the recreation office to review rules and offer suggestions on ways the program can be improved. He even helps with registrations and assists with refereeing youth basketball and soccer games.

He is tireless, incredibly dedicated and loved for the difference he is making in the lives of children through sports.

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