Quality Program Provider application and renewal process upgraded

Quality Program Provider application and renewal process upgraded


For youth sports organizations looking to earn or maintain the Better Sports For Kids Quality Program Provider designation, the path for doing so has been upgraded through a new application and renewal process recently unveiled.

This elite Quality Program Provider designation – earned by more than 100 organizations worldwide – enables youth sports programs to stand out in their communities by showcasing that they have either met, or even exceeded, quality benchmark standards.

For new applicants, the process now includes a comprehensive analysis of their internal programs. Plus, there are optional consultation opportunities available from NAYS staff to help programs reach the Quality Program Provider level.

“We are pleased to have streamlined the process for both earning and maintaining this important designation,” said John Engh, executive director of NAYS. “And we encourage organizations to take advantage of this external third-party analysis of their efforts. Plus, they can utilize the extremely affordable consultation option in which our staff can provide significant guidance and insight for attaining this elite level.”

The new initial application process requires a $250 application fee, and the optional NAYS consultation requires additional fees. Many youth sports organizations have found this external and unbiased audit to be very beneficial, as it helps leadership, parents and the community view their program as a safe and highly organized youth sports provider.

Military installations providing youth sports programming are not required to pay any application or renewal fees.

For organizations that have already earned the designation, there is no requirement to submit an initial application again. Instead, those organizations seeking to maintain their Quality Program Provider designation must submit the renewal application at the end of their validation year. Renewal applications not submitted within 90 days from the expiration date will require organizations to start the entire process again, including the comprehensive analysis.

Also, an additional benefit of being designated a Quality Program Provider is that only those organizations that have achieved this honor are invited to apply for the annual Excellence in Youth Sports Awards. This year’s Excellence Award recipients will be honored during our 20th annual Youth Sports Congress on Oct. 27-30 in San Antonio, Texas.

For more information, visit nays.org/quality or email us at quality@nays.org.



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