Roswell (Ga.) Recreation and Parks Department goes to bat for kids by mandating online coach training


 Although the City of Roswell (Ga.) Recreation and Parks Department believes in the importance of training and educating youth sports coaches, it understands that many busy parent-coaches simply don’t have time to attend educational seminars or clinics. Scheduling training sessions or group clinics that accommodate every coach can be challenging, especially for a large community like Roswell.
That is why the National Youth Sports Coaches Association’s (NYSCA) online coaches training program has been so perfect for them. Thanks to this innovative online tool offered by the National Alliance for Youth Sports (NAYS), coaches in the Roswell Recreation and Parks Department can receive valuable coaching information and tips on their own time from the comfort of a home or office.
“After viewing the clinic’s content, we felt that it would tremendously benefit all of our volunteers, even some of our veteran coaches,” said Jonathan King, athletic program supervisor for the City of Roswell Recreation and Parks Department. “The content of the program was not the only reason why we chose NYSCA, but also the fact that coaches could participate online and at their own pace. This aspect was an extremely important part of our decision.”
The City of Roswell Recreation and Parks Department serves approximately 1,100 players from the Roswell and Alpharetta area, which comprises about 90 teams. For the upcoming season every single coach of those teams will be required to attend an online training clinic provided by NYSCA.
“All of our coaches are volunteers, therefore we are always searching for ways to better improve their coaching technique, skills, knowledge and philosophy,” said King. “With volunteers as coaches, we have seen a wide variety of coaching skills. At the very least, this program will help bring consistency to our coaching base.”
NYSCA training consists of viewing the Introduction to Coaching Youth Sports video, which is a general training video for all coaches, and then viewing a sports-specific video that covers skills and drills.
The Introduction to Coaching Youth Sports video covers topics such as psychology of coaching youth sports, working with kids with special challenges, tips on teaching and communication, parents as partners, child abuse in youth sports, injury prevention and hydration.
“We feel all aspects of the program are beneficial,” said King. “The convenience factor is huge. In addition, all the coaches seem to be tuned onto the fact that they now have additional liability coverage.”
The NYSCA Online Clinics provide a convenient and exciting way for volunteer coaches to obtain NYSCA training. Using state-of-the art websites, coaches can complete an interactive online version of the live on-site NYSCA training program. Coaches who attend an online clinic receive the full benefits of NYSCA membership, including the $1,000,000 excess liability coverage that King referred to.
Each clinic features live-action video and audio, realistic graphics, expert commentary, exclusive printable materials and more.
By mandating that their coaches receive NYSCA training, the City of Roswell Recreation and Parks Department is joining in on the movement to improve youth sports by upping the level of professionalism and accountability of volunteer coaches. Since 1981, more than 2.5 million coaches throughout 3,500 communities have received training and education through NYSCA.

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