Special offer on new NAYS training and background check package

Special offer for new NAYS training and background check package


In youth sports environments, the reality is that children's safety and well-being are at stake. Therefore, procedures must be in place to help program administrators protect their young athletes. 

That is why the National Alliance for Youth Sports has teamed up with Sterling Volunteers, formerly known as Verified Volunteers, to provide a streamlined coach screening and education process.

Our new partnership allows organizations to screen and educate volunteer coaches in one simple process.

We are excited to offer a special summer bonus as an incentive for organizations that enroll now. 

Special Offer: Register 10 coaches or more for the background check and training bundle and receive $100 in NAYS credit. To take advantage of the offer, organizations must enroll in the background screening program by September 1. Request more information.

Set your program apart by providing parents with confidence that their athletes are in good hands. Register your coaches for an advanced level background check and the NAYS Coach Training and Membership program online, significantly reducing administrative time.

Check out our resources to find out how your program measures up to our training and background check package. Use this checklist to compare your coach education program to NAYS, and click here to see a full listing of features included in the background check package. 

What is the cost?

*Quantity discounts available for 50+ coaches 

New York: Additional fees apply for background checks in select counties of the State of New York. Contact us for details 

More than 3,000 youth sports organizations trust NAYS to educate, equip and empower their coaches so that all children can enjoy the lifelong benefits of sports. So be sure to take advantage of this special savings opportunity today.

Request more information about how to enroll in background checks

Any questions? Our Member Services staff is here to assist!

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