You gotta play to win

You gotta play to win


By Lisa Licata, Director, Professional Administrators
National Alliance for Youth Sports

It’s that time of year – NAYS is accepting online applications for the Excellence in Youth Sports Award! Have you been thinking about applying? Have you thought about what winning the award might do for you, your program and your entire community? Well, you should.

I’ve heard folks say so many silly reasons for not applying - that they are afraid to apply or that they think that their program is too small or too new.  Don’t assume that your program won’t win because maybe you will. The online application is simple to complete and will give you time to look at all the good you have accomplished. Plus by applying you might identify opportunities for improvement – think of it as a self-assessment. 

There are really no good reasons to not apply - and if you are invited into the final round, you will be able to use the Excellence Award process to further promote your organization’s efforts to offer high quality youth sports experiences since we require that you have parents, volunteers, coaches and anyone affiliated with the program complete an online survey about the program. It is a great way to show the community that your program is part of something bigger – one of the thousands of organizations who work with the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

Those organizations that complete all the requirements in the final round will be considered an Excellence Award Finalist and the Winners will be chosen from the Finalists. So if your program is a Finalist or a Winner, you will have something to be very proud of since it can provide additional credibility for your organization. Plus it can be used in all of your marketing and promotional efforts!

Another thing to consider is that being a part of the Excellence in Youth Sports Awards can be a big motivator for your organization. It allows you and your staff to “show off” all the wonderful things you do to ensure safe, fun and rewarding youth sports experiences. It may also help you to attract more participants and volunteers since everyone likes to be part of the winning team.

But remember, it’s not all about winning. It’s about playing the best you can with what you have! So if you are doing your best, then forget the rest!

Apply now for the Excellence in Youth Sports Award

Lisa Licata is the director of professional administrators and oversees the Academy for Youth Sports Administrators at the National Alliance for Youth Sports.

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