Youth Sports Congress session: Purpose-Based Recognition

Youth Sports Congress session: Purpose-Based Recognition


Volunteers and staff are all-important assets of youth sports organizations, and recognizing their work and retaining their services is vital for operating a high-quality youth sports program that families want to be a part of year after year. 

At the upcoming Virtual Youth Sports Congress on Nov. 4-6, conducted by the National Alliance for Youth Sports, Lori Hoffner of Supporting CommUnity, Inc., will deliver a can’t-miss session on Purpose Based Recognition: Recognizing, Rewarding, and Retaining.  

She’ll share how an intentional implementation of a purpose-based recognition program helps recreation leaders reduce turnover, gain buy-in of their organization and create an environment of support and enthusiasm.

She’ll also dig into how a timely and consistent recognition program can be implemented with minimal cost while providing a high return. Plus, how these efforts can reduce turnover and provide a positive economic effect on the organization. 

Hoffner has been offering training for positive youth development, community networking and organizational relationship building since 1997. She has spoken nationally regarding youth program development and engaging staff. She specializes in positive staff and organizational relationships based on generational studies and research. In addition, she has years of experience with youth programming, program development and youth staffing.

Hoffner’s presentation is part of a jam-packed three days of Congress sessions to help keep you ahead of the curve during these challenging times where professional development is more important than ever. Plus, it’s the perfect time to maintain or earn your Certified Youth Sports Administrator (CYSA) credential, which more than 4,000 recreation professionals have done.  

Among the sessions on tap are:

Preventing Bullying with Evidence-Based Practices for Athlete Health and Safety

Allocating Facilities - How to Balance Requests Using Data, Structured Policies and Guideline

Inclusion Isn’t Scary! Everyone has the Right to Play!

Specialization and Player Safety

Transgender Inclusion in Youth Sport

Relationships are EVERYTHING!

Regaining Equilibrium – Time & Stress Management for Leader

Toughening Athletes Up for a Tough World or Harming Their Brains?

Youth Sports Program's Role in Developing Physical Literacy

And more!

Plus, there will be roundtable discussions on other important issues, providing attendees with opportunities to learn and share information with their peers.

The Youth Sports Congress is open to anyone with an interest in providing top-quality youth sports programming for today’s youth.

Don’t delay, register today!

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