Zero Talent Required

Zero Talent Required


We’ve all experienced the sting of not making a sports team growing up or failing to land a job we coveted as adults.

These days, possessing specific key skills can help you surpass expectations at your current job and enhance your leadership and management skills in the short term; as well as swing the balance in your favor at that next job interview or land that promotion you’ve had your eye on in the long term.

At the upcoming 20th annual Youth Sports Congress – taking place in San Antonio, Texas on Oct. 27-30 – Dr. Peter Titlebaum of the University of Dayton will present an all-important session: Zero Talent Required.


Dr. Titlebaum’s session will highlight the skills that every person should possess to navigate their professional lives and be empowered to go beyond basic expectations and attain high-level success.  

Some important learning outcomes attendees will take away from the session:

1. Learning the 18 areas that need your immediate attention, and that requires no talent.

2. Understanding why these skills are key in determining success and influencing lives.

3. Exceeding expectations should be what you are expecting of yourself if you are looking to stand out in a positive way.

Dr. Titlebaum is a frequent speaker who has delivered more than 200 presentations. Among his areas of expertise are marketing, sales, fund-raising, activation, return on investment and return on objective strategies. He has also contributed articles to more than 150 publications.

The Youth Sports Congress is a comprehensive educational experience designed specifically for youth sports administrators. The training allows attendees to participate in the Youth Sports Congress, the Athletic Business Show, and to maintain or earn their Certified Youth Sports Administrator credential, all at one location.


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