National Youth Sports Coaches Association volunteer coach training and membership

NAYS Select Coach

Coaches interested in increasing their coaching knowledge can obtain a higher level of education by completing the NAYS Select Coach online training. The course is designed for volunteers who are coaching travel sports and/or advanced level athletes.


The training delivers an e-learning experience in eight key topic areas:

  • Philosophy & Ethics
  • Sports Safety and Injury Prevention
  • Physical Preparation and Conditioning
  • Growth & Development
  • Teaching & Communication
  • Organization & Administration
  • Skills & Tactics
  • Evaluation

Membership Benefits

The NAYS Select Coach program also offers these great benefits:

  • $2,000,000 in excess liability insurance
  • $250,000 in excess accident/medical insurance
  • Advanced coaching certification
  • Membership card
  • SportingKid Live!
  • Self-paced learning 


The cost of the NAYS Select Coach training is a one-time $40 fee. Please note there is an annual $20 fee to continue your membership.


There are two options to become a NAYS Select Coach:

For existing NAYS Coaches

The NAYS Select Coach program is available to existing NAYS Coaches by adding the program to your membership.

Members: Click to log in and sign up for NAYS Select Coach

For non-members

The program is now available to any coach looking for advanced training. 

New to NAYS Coach Training? Click to join NAYS Select Coach