Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Who qualifies to become a member of the PAYS program?
A: The PAYS program is available to all parents who are interested in learning their roles and responsibilities in sports so that they can make their child's youth sports experience more enjoyable and positive.

Q: How long is the course?
A: The video segments are about 40 minutes total and it consists of 8 sections with a review question at the end of each section.  It really depends on each individual's pace.

Q: What if proof of membership is required by the league?
A: Parents will have the option to print a certificate upon completion of the course or at anytime from their member page. 

Q: Where will I find my PAYS membership identification number?
Parents who have completed the PAYS program can view their identification number on their Member Area homepage and on the certificate of completion (downloadable through the Member Area).

Q: Does the PAYS membership expire?
The PAYS membership is valid for 1year and it includes unlimited access to the member area including all of the valuable tools and resources available to PAYS members. Membership renewal notices will be sent to members prior to their membership's expiration date.

Q: How much does a PAYS membership cost?
A: Individual memberships are $9.95 which includes the initial training and a one-year online membership. The annual renewal fee is $5. Parents who sign up through a NAYS chapter may be charged the $5 membership fee depending on whether or not the fee is covered by your agency/league.

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