youth golf program

Frequently Asked Questions

What are my main responsibilities as a Hook A Kid On Golf Coordinator?

A: Coordinator responsibilities include:

  • Securing a Facility
  • Recruiting Participants 
  • Recruiting Instructors/Volunteers 
  • Organizing Logistics through the Hook A Kid On Golf National Office

What should be considered when establishing the number of youngsters to participate in my program?

A: Things to consider:

  • Instructor Availability
  • Facility Size
  • How much sponsorship money will be raised?
  • The demand for youth golf in your community

*Please note that the Hook A Kid On Golf national office sets a minimum number of eight participants and a maximum of 50 participants for a Tee Level Clinic. Any plans to host a clinic with more or less participants MUST be approved by the national office.

How can I recruit sponsors to help support my program?

A: Here are some ideas that have proven to be successful in attaining funding:

  • Sponsorship Ideas

You can create a committee to help raise sponsorships and delegate a certain number of sponsorships (participants) for each member to attain. Ex: 35 kids need funding and there are seven members, this would mean that each member is responsible for getting five sponsorships. 

  • Application with Fee

Youngsters can be sponsored by a family member. Please keep in mind that the program was designed to include underprivileged youth and an effort should be made to acquire sponsorships for these youngsters.

  • Golfers

In many cases, golf club members or regular players at a local course will be interested in sponsoring a youngster for your program. Make arrangements with the local golf course to have sponsorship applications displayed at their pro shop or clubhouse.

  • Fund-Raising Tournament

A well run tournament can cover costs for all of the youngsters for your Tee Level Clinic. There is a tournament format enclosed in the Hook A Kid On Golf Program Manual.

  • Community Service Organizations

Contact all of the local community service agencies such as Moose Lodges, Optimist Clubs, Elks Lodges, Knights of Columbus, etc., to sponsor youngsters for your program.  

  • Large Businesses

Contact public relations departments of large local businesses to sponsor blocks of youngsters as a “goodwill” project for the local community.

  • Recreation Department Budgets

In the past, Recreation Departments have been able to include sponsorships in their budget to be able to sponsor a number of youngsters for the program.

  • Sponsorship Grants

Grant money is sometimes available through the National Hook A Kid On Golf office. However, grants should not be counted on when determining your number of participants until they have been confirmed.

Can I stray from the Tee Level Clinic program format outlined in the Program Manual?

A: The standard five-day clinic schedule for Monday- Thursday with a golf outing to be held on Friday, was developed by PGA Professionals. Any alteration of this format should be done only by a PGA Professional and approved by the National Hook A Kid On Golf office. 

What forms must be turned in to the National Hook A Kid On Golf office when my program is complete?

A: The following forms must be turned in when the program is complete:

  • Participant Roster
  • Participant Survey
  • Final Program Summary

There is no specific guideline, but we encourage you to send pictures, newspaper clippings, and a list of any additional items/awards you may have presented your participants.

Does my program Instructor have to be NYSCA certified or a PGA Pro?

A: Hook A Kid On Golf does not require that the instructor for your program be a NAYS Coach or a PGA Pro; however, we do ask that the individual who is chosen to instruct your youngsters has a good understanding of golf and is able to work comfortably with children. It is important that volunteer coaches are trained to work with children, specifically in the sport of golf. The NAYS Coach Training & Membership is the recommended leader in training coaches in the Hook A Kid On Golf program.

What is the Hook A Kid On Golf return policy? 

A: Return Policy: Please inspect contents of your shipment upon receipt.  Broken or damaged goods will be replaced at the expense of Hook A Kid On Golf.  If you would like to return or exchange goods, please contact our office at 561-684-1141 and speak to a Hook A Kid On Golf representative.  All goods involved in returns/exchanges MUST be unused or we will not process the transaction.  NAYS will inspect the goods in returns/exchanges prior to shipping out replacement goods or issuing a refund.  All returns/exchanges must be made within four weeks of the ship date of your order. The shipping expense for all returns and exchanges will be incurred by the customer (excluding damaged/broken goods).