youth golf program

Getting Started

Implementing a Hook A Kid On Golf program is an easy step by step process. Our curriculum is designed to allow any individual, youth sports organization or golf course to successfully offer a youth golf program in their community. Should you need assistance along the way, our staff is available to guide you from start to finish.

1 Purchase Program Manual

This manual is your A to Z guide to running all levels of the Hook A Kid On Golf program. The Program Manual will provide you with in-depth information and ideas on the following steps.

2 Establish a Site/Recruit Instructors

As a program coordinator, it is your responsibility to work with a host facility in your community. Ideally, golf courses and driving ranges are the best types of facilities to host your Hook A Kid On Golf program. In addition to establishing a site, you will also need to recruit instructors for your program. Keep in mind that in addition to golf professionals, you may also utilize individuals such as avid golfers in your community and high school or college golf team members as instructors for your program.

3 Choose Program(s)/Set Date

Upon establishing a site/instructors, you will need to choose which level(s) of the Hook A Kid On Golf program you are offering and establish program dates for those programs, working closely with your facility to ensure time and space availability.

4 Recruit Sponsors/Fundraise

Some communities may be able to offer the program without the assistance of additional funds or grants. However, many Hook A Kid On Golf programs are community-wide efforts. Getting local businesses and individuals to provide sponsorship money to offset the cost of equipment and instruction is the most popular method of creating an affordable and sustainable program.

5 Recruit Participants and Volunteers 

As the coordinator, you will be responsible for promoting this program in your community in an effort to register participants for your program. Reaching out to schools and/or parks and recreation departments is a great way to partner with an organization that already has access to children.

6 Schedule a Participant Registration/Parent Information Day

Because golf may be a new sport to many of your potential participants, it is a good idea to schedule a day where the parents and youngsters can come talk to you to learn about the program and understand what it is all about.

7 Order Supplies for Participants

Now that you have your participants registered, we encourage you to order your appropriate supplies 3 to 4 weeks prior to the start of your program. This will give you time to inspect the equipment and take a quick inventory to make sure you have everything you need to get started.

8 Run Your Program!

Please share the curriculum layout in the Program Manual with your instructors to help them get an understanding of the goal of the program and guide them through each day’s itinerary. We understand that many instructors will have their own methods and techniques for instructing, which is fine. As long as the skills required in the Program Manual are being taught, we are happy to allow the instructors to incorporate their own personal style.

If you need any help along the way, please contact our staff at 1-800-729-2057 or email us at