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Tee Level Clinic Order Form

Must order 3 weeks prior to clinic start date or we cannot guarantee on-time delivery.

Hook A Kid On Golf is not responsible for a late delivery if the order is received less than 3 weeks prior to your clinic start date.

You will be responsible for ALL shipping costs.  Please see the shipping cost chart to determine your shipping expenses.

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Step 1 - Shirt Order

Instructor shirts are provided at a rate of 1 shirt per 10 participants (must order clubs to qualify).  Additional instructor shirts may be purchased for $30 each.

Instructor Shirts QTY
Men's XXL
Men's XL
Men's Large
Men's Medium
Men's Small
Women's Large
Women's Medium
Women's Small
Total Instructor Shirts:
Participant Shirts QTY
Adult XL
Adult Large
Adult Medium
Adult Small
Youth Large
Youth Medium
Youth Small

Step 2 - Club Order

Set Color Height Range Age Range Right Handed Left Handed
Orange 3'10"-4'4" 5-8 Years
Green 4'4"-4'10" 7-10 Years
Red 4'10"-5'4" 9-12 Years
Royal Blue 5'4"-5'7" 11-14 Years


Step 3 - Order Total and Payment

A check, credit card or copy of a signed purchase order for the amount below must be submitted along with this order form.

Calculate your order total here:

Number of Orange + Green Sets x $195.00
Number of Red x $230.00
Number of Royal Blue x $245.00
Shipping - Total Sets x $12.50
Order Total
Each participant will receive a set of clubs, golf hat, golf shirt, bag tag, participant manual and 3 golf balls

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*Please note that your credit card WILL NOT be charged upon submission of this order form.