youth running program

Getting Started

All you need to participate in Ready, Set, Run! is a Coordinator, Coach and a group of kids aged 8-13 years old. We would love to make the program work for your particular needs. Contact us at and we’ll do our best to help you get your kids running!

The following steps will guide you on how to bring Ready, Set, Run! to your community.

1 Request Information

Send in an information request here and receive your complimentary Coordinator Manual at no cost via email (PDF Version only). The Coordinator Manual will be your guide to everything you need to do prior to Day 1 of your actual program.

2 Determine the Program Dates

Prior to registering your participants and selecting your coaches, you will want to fit the program into your sports schedule.

3 Recruit your Ready, Set, Run! coach(es)

Some coordinators will serve as the coach of the program.  However, many times there are avid runners/parents that would love to get involved with the program.  The curriculum is easy to follow and the program can be led by runners and non-runners alike.

4 Register Your Participants

Now that you have your program dates set and your coaches secured, it’s time to promote the program and start signing up the kids.

5 Order Materials

You’ll want to submit your Program Registration/Order Form to NAYS via email at or fax to 561-712-9887. You’ll need to order a Participant Kit for each registered participant and a Coach Kit for each of your coaches.

6 Run the Program

You and the kids will have a blast!