Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How can I run Start Smart in my community?

Step 1: Fill out and send in the order form for the appropriate Start Smart program. You can order online by visiting our Online Store, download the order forms directly from this Website, or you can request information from our National office and we will mail them to you.

Step 2: Appoint a coordinator to run your program and reserve a location (recreation center, school gym, etc).

Step 3: Start recruiting parent-child groups. A parent MUST attend EVERY session with his or her child.

Step 4: Review all of the activities and equipment that is included in your Starter and Participant Kits prior to your program start date.

Step 5: Run with it! One hour per week of quality time for children and parents. You can run any of the Start Smart programs numerous times throughout the year.

Q: What type of facility do I need to run a Start Smart program? 

A: Start Smart programs can be run indoors or outside because the programs focus on teaching children the basic motor skills that they need to play organized sports in the future, so you don't need a baseball diamond for Start Smart Baseball or a multipurpose field for Start Smart Soccer. The programs can be run in a large meeting room.

Q: How long are the programs?

A: All of the Start Smart programs are set up to be run for one hour per week for six weeks with the activities that are included in the Coordinator Manual. A "Parent Meeting" should be held one week prior to beginning the actual program to introduce the parents to your Start Smart program and show them the "Model Youth Sport Parent" video.

Q: As a parent, can Start Smart really improve my relationship with my child?

A: Studies of parents who completed Start Smart with their child found that:

  • Nearly 70% of parents reported improvement in their relationship with their child as a result of participating in Start Smart.
  • 95% of parents who participated in Start Smart said they have learned new ways to help their child learn and develop sports skills.
  • 74% of parents experienced an increase in the awareness of their child's physical capabilities due to Start Smart.
  • 67% of parents say they are more likely to be involved in their child's sports experiences due to the program.
  • Parents in at-risk families who completed the Start Smart program with their child reported more positive parenting attitudes and behaviors, as well as better parent-child relationships.

Q: As a parent, how can I find a Start Smart program in my community?

A: Call your local recreation agency to ask if they are running a Start Smart program. The National office can also tell you which of the Start Smart programs are running in your community. Reach us at 1-800-729-2057.