Start Smart Programs are all designed as six one-hour sessions. Each session will take the participants through four different skill stations where one or two skills will be introduced and performed. Most programs are offered one day per week for six consecutive weeks to allow parents and their children time to practice in-between sessions.

Start Smart currently offers eight different sports programs. Any or all of these programs can be offered by a youth service agency. Please click on any of the following program logos to learn more about that specific program.

NEW: Start Smart Baseball, Basketball, Football and Soccer programs include an additional 2 weeks of curriculum (optional for your parents/participants) that focuses on rules and game situations. This new feature will allow the participants to gain a better understanding of the basic rules and participate in activities designed to utilize the skills they have learned and apply them in a live game action activity. As with all Start Smart programs, parents will still be an integral part of these two additional weeks of programming.