Sharing the Recommendations for Communities

Is there a need to change the youth sports culture in your community? Do not remain silent.

Contacting local elected officials and youth sports program directors with your firsthand account of issues in youth sports is a starting point for voicing your concerns, and directing them to the Recommendations for Communities not only shows that you are serious about your complaint but that you are also committed to resolving the issues by providing an action plan.

Tips for communicating with elected officials:

  • Elected officials depend on their constituents, advocates like YOU, to help inform them on the issues and to help guide their decisions.
  • Effective communications are those that are clear, concise, honest and to the point.
  • Think about the best way to tell your story, to share your information and to ask for the support of your elected official in as clear a way possible.
  • Introduce yourself, state where you are from, and identify what organization (if any) you are representing.
  • Thank your elected official for their time and attention and express appreciation for past or future support.

Download a letter template for writing to elected officials or parks and recreation professionals

Letter template for writing to elected officials

Dear [Recipient Name]:

I am writing to you with concern about youth sports in our community. [State your name and your role in youth sports; i.e. parent, coach, spectator, program coordinator, etc. If you are writing to an elected official, be sure to mention you are a constituent.]

[State specific examples of negative behaviors you have witnessed or experienced.] This is not acceptable and the children of our community deserve better.

Because youth sports can be an effective tool to positively influence our youth and create change in our community it is our responsibility to make sure sports are positive for children. We need to establish and enforce regulations to ensure youth sports programs are safe and fun for participants.

I urge you to review the Recommendations for Communities set forth by the National Alliance for Youth Sports, America’s leading advocate for positive and safe sports for children, at This resource justifies the need for implementing a community youth sports philosophy, facility usage requirements, volunteer background screening, behavior agreements and training for administrators and coaches.

Can I count on you to make changes needed for a more positive youth sports in culture? Please let me know and also please confirm that you have received this message. You may reach me at [Your Phone Number] or [Your Email Address].

Sincerely/Your constituent,

[Your Name]