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Coach Up: Inspiring teammates to help each other

Coach Up: Inspiring teammates to help each other


By Ker’Shyra Myrick

Teamwork makes the dream work.

And that’s especially true in sports.

When a player, or an entire team, create goals they want to achieve, those can’t be accomplished alone. Teammates must come together, and work together, if they want to achieve greatness.

If athletes see their teammates struggling with certain skills, or working through rough patches, they can help each other out by being positive sources of encouragement and support.

Coach up is a term I like to use when describing how teammates can inspire and lift each other up,” says Dr. Rob Bell, a mental toughness coach and author of several books, including No One Gets There Alone. “Youth athletes can be great advocates of this mentality. Players should focus on others and coach others up. When we can focus on teammates and creating a better us, that’s what helps us out at the same time.”

Self-motivation is tricky for young athletes to get their arms around. So hearing “you can do this” or “you’ve got this” from a teammate can make all the difference in their confidence and work ethic.

“It’s really hard to coach ourselves, we were meant to coach others,” Bell says. “Athletes who are helping others by being positive are helping themselves at the same time. This is how we create a better team and a better us. For example, I am able to tell my teammates things I may not be able to tell myself, because I hold myself to a different standard.”

If a team or players are struggling throughout the season, it’s important for athletes to keep encouraging each other no matter how hard things may get.

“It’s important for everyone to remember that it only takes one moment, one play, or one person to make a difference in our lives,” Bell says. “Every practice and every play helps us with that one moment we are trying to get ready for. We may not know when the time is coming, but it only takes one.”

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